SCRATCH VR Stitching and Ambisonic Audio Tutorial Creating VR/360 experiences requires focused attention to complex details and most usually fast time-to-market. SCRATCH VR Suite 8.6 simplifies the VR post-production process with one-stop shopping - a single, streamlined VR/360 workflow that includes all the needed functions for creating impactful VR/360 experiences - saving enormous amounts of time, hassles, and money. ...Read More »
Exporting from PremiereClip to PremierePro By Ko Maruyama Adobe's Premiere Clip offers an easy way to shoot and edit on your iPhone or iPad. You may want to refine your edit or add some additional layers of video or audio in Premiere Pro. It's an easy process, and with your CreativeCloud account, you'll have access to many other applications too ...Read More »
What Is Audio Mastering? By Last Drop Mastering Mastering is the all-important last step in the song/album creation process, and unfortunately one that can often be overlooked. Put plainly, your music will never be at a professional level if it is not mastered properly. This is the stage where dull, listless songs come to brilliant life as one polished, "larger than life" EP or album. They say you need an outside pair of ears on-board for this stage, and preferably one with hundreds (if not thousands) of projects behind them. Even the best mastering engineers in the world send their own material off to another mastering specialist for processing. ...Read More »
Minimizing Wind Noise By Ben Longden Nothing annoys me more on a location shoot than wind noise. In fact I've had more than an earful of it, and decided to do something serious about it. The occasion was on location at a major horse stud, filming a tutorial for my client, a major veterinarian firm in northern Victoria. ...Read More »
Displaying Closed Captions in Windows Media Player By Gary Rebholz With the improvements that we made to the closed captioning workflow in Vegas Pro 10 software, you can now create and export closed caption files for use with the videos you encode to WMV format whether for inclusion on a disc or for streaming over the web. That part's easy and we explain the exact techniques for doing so in our extensive training video that you'll find on the Seminar Series training package for Vegas Pro 10 software. In this article, I'll talk about how you can make those WMV closed captions viewable in the Windows Media Player. ...Read More »
10 Audio Editing Tips To Help You Work Faster In Sound Forge Pro By Gary Rebholz Ten audio editing techniques that will not only help speed up your editing sessions, but also help you get more out of the application and accomplish more with it. Although I focus on Sound Forge Pro in this article, most of these techniques also work in Sound Forge Audio Studio 10, so you can take advantage of them regardless of the version you use. ...Read More »
HowAudio's Apple Logic Training: Audio File Processing By Patrick Copeland In this clip, host Patrick Copeland continues looking at editing audio in Logic Pro and audio file editing in the Sample Editor. He shows how to get to the sample editor by double clicking on a region and using the W key on the keyboard to get to the Sample Editor. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: Flex Tips By Damian Allen In this clip, host Damian Allen details some quick tips using the Flex feature, including time stretching an entire audio region, aligning a flex marker in your current track using transient markers from another track, and more. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: Quantize Audio By Damian Allen In this clip, host Damian Allen details how to Quantize audio with the Flex technology in Logic Pro 9, which enables you to perform the same process with digital audio. He shows how to enable the flex mode to use the Quantize feature in Logic Pro 9. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: Creating a Flex Marker By Damian Allen In this clip, host Damian Allen details how to create a custom Flex Marker. He discusses how a clip has a second vocal trill after a first trill but Logic detected no transients in that area on the timeline. He then moves the playhead to the half beat to act as a guide for the alignment. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: Flex View By Damian Allen The Flex View is where you will do most of your audio tweaks. In this clip, host Damian Allen details the features of the Flex view, how to activate it, how to activate and deactivate tracks, how to access the Flex menu. He also covers the tempophone and Speed modes. ...Read More »
Logic Pro 9 New Features: The Flex Tool By Damian Allen In this clip, host Damian Allen takes a look at Flex Editing in Logic Pro 9, a featur similar in functionality to elastic audio in other applications. He details two ways of working the Flex System, using the Flex tool, or the Flex View. He starts this lesson by looking at the Flex Tool. ...Read More »
Editing Music with Sound Forge By Jeffrey P. Fisher Rare is the project that doesn't require conforming music in some way to match the visuals, enhance the drama, or support the message. Library production music often comes with alternate timings, but these tend to be of the :29 and :59 variety. That's great for some spot work, but not useful all the time. Instead of selecting a music track that almost works, make any music track do what you want by editing it to fit your precise needs. ...Read More »
Multitrack Editing in Sony Sound Forge 10 By Jeffrey P. Fisher Sound Forge has always excelled at being a solid and dependable mono and two-track recorder and editor. Version 9 of the software brought multichannel support which many people misinterpreted to mean multitrack functionality. Multichannel really means the program can handle files beyond stereo such as 5.1 surround sound files. ...Read More »
Adding Audio Hardware Meters to Sony Vegas Pro By Jeffrey P. Fisher There's no doubt that watching volume levels with your audio- and video-centric projects is important. The digital audio world has a top limit --- 0 dBFS --- that you can't exceed. But screen real estate is often at a premium when working in the Vegas NLE. Sure you can pop the Audio Mixer and/or Mixing Console over to a secondary monitor, but that's often filled up with audio/video effects, waveform/vectorscope monitor, and even full-screen previews. ...Read More »
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training: Keyboard shortcuts By Sven-Erik Seaholm In this video, host Sven-Erik Seaholm discusses Soundbooth's customizability, and specifically Soundbooth's keyboard shortcuts. He shows how to save your own personal keyboard shortcuts, enhancing your productivity. ...Read More »
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training: Markers By Sven-Erik Seaholm In this video, host Sven-Erik Seaholm discusses markers, which enable you to demarcate trouble spots, and find specific areas more easily. They are also an essential element when integrating audio in your Flash projeccts. ...Read More »
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training: Metadata and Properties panel By Sven-Erik Seaholm In this video, host Sven-Erik Seaholm covers metadata and how it provides a customizable way of cataloging, sorting and searching your files, making metadata files an integral part of your project management. ...Read More »
Sony Sound Forge Non-destructive Editing Techniques, Part II (Playlist) By Jeffrey P. Fisher In the previous article, we looked at using Sound Forge's project file format for non-destructive audio editing. Here we'll look at the Playlist feature which also lends itself to editing your work without affecting the file and therefore protecting your valuable original data. ...Read More »
Adobe Soundbooth CS4 Essential Training: History Panel and Snapshots By Sven-Erik Seaholm In this video, host Sven-Erik Seaholm covers the history panel, which enables you to go to any point in time in your audio editing process and selectively undo any tweak that you've made to the project. He also covers the Snapshots tool as well. ...Read More »
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